Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Membership Cards Explained

Loyalty Cards are used all over the world in different organisations. They are used in marketing campaigns which enable you to boost your business by ensuring repeat business.

Please see below a couple of Campaigns you may be familiar with:

1. The Discount Card: The best example for a Discount card is a membership which is paid for annually, once the customer has signed they receive a Discount Card also known as a Membership Card. Once the customer has received the Discount Card every time they use it they can have discount on certain products or services this is down to the company who is offering the membership to decide what to discount. E.g. Customer pays £30.00 on Hair Treatments which entitles her to have a 10% Discount on anything in store.

2. Points Card: Usually companies that sell products like Food and Drink normally go for this type of card as this enables repeat business. The Point Card over the years has changed and varied in type. Still companies today use the slot punch system where a customer purchases a coffee and gets one punch slot for their card once the customer has collected so many punches they are entitled for a free coffee. Today’s version of the points system is that cards are swiped and details are logged on a computer for the next visit.

3. Money Card: Shoppers purchase so many products which have certain point values, once the customer has earned so many points this enables them to spend a certain amount within the store.

Membership Cards can be swiped with Visits, Purchase of Petrol, Hair-Cuts, and Beauty Treatments.

Not only do membership Cards make customers return they are also a good source of Advertisement. Ensure your cards look professional, sleek and easy to read so that customers can show your card to others which will then encourage more business.

These are just a few reasons every business should consider carrying a loyalty and/or gift cards for their business.

Why Safety Breakaway Lanyards?

In our modern environment safety has become the number one priority for all organizations such as Schools, Colleges, Work Places and Government Organizations. Lanyards are used by all of these organizations because they allow ID Cards to be clearly displaced around the neck at all times, which enables security to identify who is authorized and who isn’t.

In 2007 October, a company in America had to recall over one million Glow Sticks and Lanyards which were given out to consumers including children when purchasing donuts. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued two warnings about the toys. The Glow sticks were not properly labeled to warn consumers that the cap and lanyard can detach, posing a choking hazard; also, the Lanyards pose a strangulation hazard towards young children as they didn’t include a Safety Breakaway, fortunately no injuries were reported.

Lanyards are a major safety concern when children are involved. Colleges and Schools tend to give students an official ID card to wear when on the school or college premises. As this became more popular schools and colleges were forced to think of a solution which could eliminate the hazard or strangulation, they began by cutting the lanyards in two and putting them back with Velcro which enabled a makeshift safety release. The only problems using Velcro is that it tends to get caught on the fabric used for the lanyards and occasionally got tangled up in hair and snag on clothing.

At Lesar we believe safety of our products is the number one priority, we include a plastic clasps that can be detached and reattached as many times as required without losing its effectiveness.

The Plastic clasp can be located anywhere on the lanyard but the most common place for the Attachment is on the back which sits on the back of your neck. This doesn’t affect your ID Cards or Holders.

If you would like to know more information about the Safety Breakaway Lanyards please contact us on 0800 622 6201

Why Access Control Cards?

Proximity Cards are used by companies and organizations that want to make a certain building or area only accessible by authorized personnel. To make this work, a proximity Card is given to a trusted employee who needs access into the secure area. Proximity Readers are installed in the relevant places. For the employee or authorized personnel to access the area that has Proximity Readers, the authorized personnel would need an Access control card they are required to pass their card near the reader for the door to open.

How Proximity Cards work?

When the Card is swiped at the docking station which holds the Access Control Software, the software sends to the card a code which is unique to the system and is stored on the software database for further action. Once the card has been swiped and the information has been stored on the card then all the authorized personnel has to do is pass it near the Access Control Reader once the reader has acknowledged that the card has the relevant codes access should be granted.

Proximity Cards can be used everywhere within a company, the cards can be used for access to computer networks and any other resources the company wants to control.

Proximity Card Readers and access systems are easy to install, they are very reliable and usually set up with a battery backup.

The Cards do not usually make contact with the readers as they do not need to be swiped they can be held from quite a distance depending on the type of card, because the cards do not regularly make contact with readers they tend to last alot longer than an average card.

Who uses Access Control Systems?

Many organizations use proximity systems like Hospitals, Police Head Quarters, Schools, Governments and businesses plus many more.

You may be thinking that Proximity Systems can only be used by Large Companies, this is not true. As Proximity Systems are becoming more and more popular and the demand is is getting higher the prices are becoming more affordable to the smaller companies giving them that extra security.

If you would like one of our team members to help you and give you more information please call 0800 622 6201

Benefits of Using Lanyards and Why?

Lanyards are used by everyone everywhere. Go into an organization and everyone from that company will be wearing a Lanyard from Staff members to Students, Employers to Employees. You will see Lanyards in hospitals, government agencies, retail stores and many more businesses. Why are lanyards the most simple but effective device so popular? The answer is because they offer many benefits for the holder and the company or organization wearing them.

The Lanyard is most commonly worn around the neck, although some Lanyards are designed to fit around the arm, wrist or even the waist. We supply Lanyards which come in 3 widths 10mm, 15mm and 20mm to make it easy to find the one that suits your needs the best. There are many different types of attachments’ for lanyards; a few examples of different types are Alligator Clips, Swivel Clips, Carabinar Clips and even Badge reels.

How Lanyards Benefit the Wearer?

Lanyards offer many benefits for the wearer, as they give them an easy but convenient place to keep their ID Card. It is easily viewed when needed; also your hands are free to do the tasks at hand without any hassle. They can be put on and taken off easily and don’t damage clothing. In the past many companies believed lanyards to be a hazard as they are around your neck but we at Lesar have designed all of our lanyards so that they incorporate a Safety Breakaway attachment which will “Breakaway” when force is applied to the lanyard to stop any nasty accidents.

Not only are they safe and convenient and easy to use, they are also very stylish and can be designed to your exact requirements, and are a great way to keep your ID Card safe and secure.

How do Lanyards Benefit Companies and Organizations?

Companies and Organizations use Lanyards as a simple but effective way for their employees or students to display their ID Cards in a easy to see view. This simple device has increased security and made schools and colleges a safer place to be. Lanyards can be designed in a way which your security personnel can identify who should be on site and who shouldn’t be. Lanyards are very affordable and can be purchased in bulk saving the company or organization lots of money.

Lanyards improve efficiency and make it so that businesses and organizations run much smoother. They also give off a more professional and organized appearance, which is important for any company. As well as giving a more professional appearance they are a great source of advertisement for any company and product they wish to promote.

Available in all types of colours and materials, it is easy to find the exact lanyard that will suit your requirements. Some of the materials used to create lanyards are Nylon, Cotton, and Polyester. These are the most common types of material used in the manufacturing of lanyards. Depending on the amount of colours and materials you use will affect the price, but if you would like any assistance please contact one of our team members on 0800 622 6201

Kind regards

Lesar Team

How and Why? Everything about ID Cards

ID Cards can provide the best source of security, each ID Card can hold personal information about its holder, this information can include the following:

  • Name

  • Personal Photo of the Individual carrying the ID Card

  • Job Title

  • Employee Number

  • Signatures

  • CRB Number if required

  • Company Details I.e. Company name, Company Website, Company Number and Address

Above is the most common information found on an ID Card, the design and content of an ID Card can be open to your exact requirements.

Your company can use ID cards in many different ways; it is important to ensure you have decided “how you want to use the ID Cards” What information do you need to have on show about your employees?

Check List:

1. Decide which information you would like on your ID Cards (Name, Job Title, Job Number, Expiry Date Etc.)

2. Company Logo, Do you need one? If your company is branded in a certain way it would be professional if the ID Cards followed suit.

3. How will the ID Cards work? Will they be RFID, HID, Prox Cards Etc. If you require special ID Cards which are AccessControl Cards it is ideal you find out the exact requirements.

Once you have decided on all of the above you are set to enquire about ID Cards, if you would like any assistance or advice regarding ID Cards please contact one of our team members on 0800 622 6201